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Cuticle Pliers Nippers
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Cuticle Pliers Nippers

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An essential stage of any nail treatment is cuticle work. Once you have used the Naio cuticle remover and pushed back the excess cuticle with the hoof stick, the excess skin will need removing. The Naio Cuticle Pliers/Nippers are a great tool for this job. They are made from stainless steel which makes them durable and easy to clean. They are a handy size, great for both salons and mobile technicians and are an essential item for all nail technicians to have in their kits. When using the Naio Cuticle Pliers/Nippers, only dead skin should be removed, never cut skin that is still attached to the nail bed as this will cause bleeding and could lead to an infection. The Naio Cuticle Pliers/Nippers work will alongside the Naio Cuticle remover in helping to make the nail plate a smooth surface ready for a nail treatment is to be carried out.