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Nude Gel Polish Collection | Naio Nails
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Nude Gel Polish Collection

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  • $48.00

This collection contains 4 of our favourite nude Urban Graffiti Gel Polish colours.

The collection may contain, but is not limited to the following colours:

  • Bottoms up! - UGGP-A0020
  • Cashmere - UGGP-A0755
  • Timeless - UGGP-A0369
  • Beauty beneath - UGGP-A0622
  • Soft cuddles - UGGP-A0621
  • Sheer elegance - UGGP-A0600
  • Petal Perfect - UGGP-A0747
  • Simplicity - UGGP-A0750
  • Bare Hug - UGGP-A0681

The collection may vary depending on stock levels, but will always contain 4 different polishes.

The photo shown may not be included in the selection you receive.

All of the Urban Graffiti gel polish cures for 30 seconds under LED and 2 minutes under UV. Please be aware that darker colours may take longer to cure than others.